Find the Missing Peace

The Buddhist Master Shantideva says:

Although living beings wish to be free from suffering,
They run straight towards the causes of suffering;
And although they wish for happiness,
Out of ignorance they destroy it like a foe.

We think inner peace is something difficult to attain: but if we really wanted it, it would be easy. The only reason for it to be so elusive is that, as Shantideva tells us, we are so often running in the opposite direction. We are so busy trying to squeeze some happiness out of our day that we don’t take the time to just be happy with where we are right now.

Peace of mind is just waiting to be discovered; it is the nature of our mind, if we would just take the time to look.  Instead of letting your mind run from one idea to the next, just allow your thoughts to subside like waves returning to the ocean and focus on the clarity of your mind. This vast inner space that we discover when our mind is free from conceptual thoughts is always clear and still; this clarity and peace is always there, no matter how crazy the surface of our mind might be. I find it very helpful to remember that during the day – right now I may be feeling frazzled, but the real nature of my mind is stillness.

The more experience you can get of settling into that stillness during meditation, the less you will feel the need to chase after happiness during the day. Why? Because you know the happiness you wish for it already there, waiting within your heart.

Take this further: Developing Inner Peace day course  |  Meditations for a Clear Mind CD


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