How to Transform Your Life

OMG, the new book is amazing!

(That is the first time I have ever written ‘OMG’ and it made me feel like a teenage girl. In fact, come to think of it, that is quite a ridiculous phrase to use when referring to a Dharma book, isn’t it? Maybe it should have been ‘OMB’ instead.)

Alright then: OMB, the new book is amazing!

I’ve always loved Transform Your Life, and I didn’t think it could get any better… and at first glance, it doesn’t look that different, apart from one added chapter. But there are so many gems of hidden wisdom, new words tucked in between the familiar paragraphs, that make the whole book shine out more clearly than ever. Challenging concepts are presented clearly and succinctly; see for example this summary of the nature and causes of samsara:

Because of this ignorance believing that our body and mind are our self we develop various kinds of mistaken appearance through which we experience various kinds of suffering and problems as hallucinations, throughout this life and in life after life without end. From this we can understand that since beginningless time until now our way of identifying our self has been mistaken.

In particular, throughout the book Geshe-la helps us to stop identifying with the self we normally see. Traditionally, ultimate truth was at the very back of the book; but now, in the first chapter, we have the beautiful wisdom advice:

The things that I normally see in dreams do not exist.
This proves that the things that I normally see while awake do not exist,
Since both of these things are equally mistaken appearance.
I will never grasp at the things that I normally see,
But just be satisfied with their mere name.
By doing this I will liberate myself permanently
From the sufferings of this life and countless future lives.
In this way I will be able
To benefit each and every living being every day.

So, my advice to you: don’t take this book for granted. If you are assuming you already know this book, you’re wrong: read it again. If you’ve never read it before: you don’t know what you’re missing, get it now.

Oh yeah, and it’s free; that’s always a bonus. Download it here.

Classes based on the book start on the 6th February. The first week of those are free too: good, isn’t it?

How to Transform Your Life - Download your free ebook


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