Here’s to us

Image result for peaceful new yearNew Year: a time of hopes and plans and wishes. We all make different wishes, but we are all wishing for the same thing: to be happy. We all make different resolutions, but our essential resolve is the same: to make things better.

This year, let’s make those wishes count by multiplying them by all living beings. We all want the same thing anyway, so when you wish for happiness then make that wish on behalf of everyone, not just yourself. Fill your heart up with hope, because that hope is justified. It’s easy to look at our world and just see conflict and pain and grief; but hope lets us look beyond that to the potential for a kinder world. And the more we hope, the more we wish, the closer that better world comes: our wishes are a wave of kindness that we send out to wash away the suffering and negativity. We may not see the results of that immediately, but as our mind turns toward hope and peace then the world turns with it.

Happy New Year to all living beings.


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