Shiny and new

Things stay the same because we don’t let them change.

We wake up to another crappy day because we assume that it will be just like all the preceding days; that assumption creates our reality. Sure, we have the potential for a crap day: but until we ripen it, that potential is only a probability, not a certainty. We assume the sun will rise tomorrow, but even that is only a probability and not a certainty. So what guarantees that today will follow the same pattern as yesterday? Nothing; only our beliefs.

So be open to the possibility that you could be a completely different person tomorrow. Of course, that won’t happen if you don’t make an effort to change; but the first step is to stop assuming that change won’t happen today. We have the power to re-impute ourselves. Try it with something you assume you can’t do. For example, I have had health problems that made it challenging to climb stairs, but I realised recently that the main issue had become my instinctive assumption that I wouldn’t be able to manage. So I applied a lot of mental effort to changing that ‘I can’t’ mentality, thinking over and over again, ‘there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to climb stairs.’ And once the negative assumptions and the attendant fear of failure had gone, the actual activity become so much more manageable. If it’s possible to overcome physical limitations like this, then of course we can overcome our mental obstacles as well. It takes a lot of belief, but any change is possible if we ask for blessings and challenge our fears.

Walking up stairs is a small thing, but it feels like a big success. The spiritual path will be full of many small things that will add up to one giant success – our enlightenment. I know it’s a cliche, but stop thinking it’s not going to happen and allow yourself to believe you can climb those steps to happiness.

Now, I love those stairs, because they remind me every day not to passively accept my limitations.


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