The truth in the fantasy

Image result for fantasy light and darknessI’ve always loved reading fantasy novels, but the cynic in me always used to gripe, ‘How come good always triumphs over evil in the end; surely that isn’t realistic?’

But it is realistic; it is inevitable.

In Eight Steps to Happiness, Geshe-la says:

All delusions are based on a mistaken way of seeing things. When we see things as they really are, our delusions naturally disappear and virtuous minds naturally manifest. Minds such as love and kindness are based on reality and are an expression of our pure nature.

Delusions are all based on the distortion of self-grasping ignorance, and when we have uprooted our ignorance then it will be impossible for delusions to arise. Positive minds, on the other hand, can never be destroyed: they will arise naturally in a pure mind, because they are natural responses to seeing things the way they really are. For example, everyone really has been our mother in a previous life, so when the veil of ignorance is lifted we will simply see this as the truth. It is natural to love others; only ignorance and its attendant cloud of delusions gets in the way.

So fantasy is actually closer to the truth than out ordinary cynical view. Eventually, good will win because all evil comes from ignorance, which can be destroyed, and all good comes from wisdom, which stands forever. Life in samsara might be rough, like one of those epic fantasies that goes on for 27 volumes … but it will end in light, not darkness. There is no other possibility.



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