Happy Birthday to Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Dearest Geshe-la,

We rejoice in our great good fortune to be under your loving care, and dedicate all our virtue so that you will remain always at our hearts, our Holy Spiritual Guide who illuminates the darkness and lights the way to the correct path.

2,500 years ago, the eternal illumination of the wisdom of enlightenment was brought into this world. Now, in these chaotic modern times, you keep this inner light burning and use it to guide fortunate disciples towards ultimate happiness. We dedicate sincerely that we will always follow your perfect example, until we all become pure Spiritual Guides who can, in turn, lead all living beings along the path you have revealed to us.

Venerable Guru, through your pure motivation you have caused pure Kadam Dharma to flourish in degenerate times. May we always be a part of your vision, so that Nagarjuna KMC and all the other centres of this precious lineage will remain for many generations to spread the peace of modern Buddhism throughout the world.

On this day when Buddha Shakyamuni first turned the Wheel of Dharma, we celebrate the miracle of your appearance in our world; may you and your emanations remain forever.


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